Being one of Raman Sir’s senior student, it is my privilege to Share few of my experiences with carnaticlessons.com and the classic technical guidance of art of playing Flute. The first one is the

experience of his music, divinity and Bhava of the compositions on his many videos and audios of live recordings, onsite impromptu videos of Indian Ragas and of course the Lessons and live Facebook sessions. One can easily identify just from hearing Sir’s audios and distinctive styles and the shades of his Maha Guru the legend Kalaimamani Padmasree Dr.N.Ramani Sir. Secondly Raman Sir is Teachers’ Teacher, like his Guru, and trained many musicians and Teachers. I am proud to say that I am one of his Student and trained many Students those have been performing on stage; the testimonials are already available on my YouTube channel. I will dedicate myself to be part of Sir’s Endeavour to promote classical music and create more performers as part of carnaticclasses.com journey towards this very Goal Raman Sir started this online classes.