Have you ever thought where are we getting our knowledge from and where do that go and get stored?
According to Madam H.P. Blavatsky, all the knowledge onegets/owns are stored in SPACE called

“Akasik Records” (synonym to cloud storage) which never destroyed and the space is limitless.

Ancient saints used to store their knowledge by their will in that storage and share the same using supra conscious methodology and by repetition (chanting over and over) in Gurukulams. Lord Krishna also followed this path being a student of Saint Sandepani, and lead a way for knowledge transfer.

The intension behind this is not to lose the knowledge acquired without passing over to enthusiastic and deserving students.
According to Saint Vedavyas, the modes of knowledge sharing change over time and hence recorded his great works in writings like Mahabharata with the help of Lord Ganapati.

This zeal of ancient saints is continued by our beloved Guru “Raman Kalyan” and the mode of knowledge transfer chosen is via modern technology of Internet (Website, Twitter, Mobile Apps) along with techniques of repetition by continuing the legacy of Guru Parampara.

The tangible output of his divine thought is “carnaticlessons.com”. No wonder this is a thought of Lord Krishna, which took the vehicle of our Guru “Raman Kalyan”.

CarnaticLessons.com is a huge repository for all grades of students with tons of videos illustrating various aspects of Carnatic music, Basic Lessons, Introduction to Indian Ragas, Concert Recordings, Lectures by various musicians in diverse musical instruments and vocalists to name a few.

Our Guru “Raman Kalyan” needs no new introduction, who is a great musician, one of the greatest mentors I have ever seen, a very kind human being (shows his charity via NaMaMa foundation), a great and enthusiastic student, great teacher.
To the matter of fact, I have never seen, neither heard about his anger. Always willing to share knowledge, ask how many ever times.

His simplistic ways of teaching, modern methods to simplify understanding of the concepts make him unique Teacher.

I am blessed to be his student for couple of years and would love to be in his company throughout.
As the saying goes, to enjoy the taste of the fruit, you have to eat it. Hence to enjoy the benefits of the knowledge what my guru shares, the only way is to be in his arena.