The work of Haridasas is the literature of bhakti movement composed by devotees known as Dasas ( Servant ) in honor of Lord Vishnu or one of his Avatars. Dasa is literally servant in Kannada and vani is voice or work of the Data
Haridasas (“servants of God”) were preachers of bhakti to Lord Vishnu or one of his avatars. The bhakti literature of these Haridasas is collectively referred to as Dasa Sahitya. It is in the Kannada language. Dasas are Dvaita scholars and poets.

The Haridasas contributed to the rich heritage of Karntataka music. They made an indelible impression on the religious and cultural life of Karnataka. They spread the didactic teachings in a musical form to the hearts of the common man. Like other doyens of Indian classical music, these scholars offered pooja to Vishnu through music, called naadopasana. The Lord is described as Samagana priya; bhakti through music is the most preferred path to ‘reach’ him.

Shri Purandara daas is known as Karnataka Sangeetha Pithamaha ..( Father of the Carnatic music ) was the one who structured all the basic lessons of Carnatic music with Raga Mayamalavagowla being the first raga imparted of Carnatic music which is still followed in the carnatic music tradition.
The Haridasa compositions are popularly known as Devaranamas or Dasavani .

Many popular Haridasa Compositions like Pogadiralo Ranga, Odi Barayya, Venkatachala Nilayam, Jagadoddharana, Tamboori meetidava, Krishna Nee Begane Baaro are integrel part of the Carnatic concert repertoire.

The Dasavani propagates the literature of the saint composers of Karnataka, popularly known as Karnataka Haridasas, who enriched Kannada religious literature with their hymns.
Karnataka Haridasas who brought the esoteric Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas within the reach of the common man in lyrical form in simple Kannada, composed thousands of hymns in praise of Lord Vishnu, thus preaching devotion of God.

Purandaradasa, Kanakadasa, Vijayadasa, Sripadaraja, Vyasaraja, Vadiraja, Gopaladasa and Jagannathadasa were some of the luminaries in the galaxy of Karnataka Haridasas who treaded the path of dualism paved by Sri Madhwacharya. This lineage of Karnataka Haridasas has produced around 400 saint-composers

The goal of this Dasavani Project is to collect all available Dasavani and preserve the old tunes set by the Saints and retune the available Dasavani for which the old tunes are lost and preserve all these great saint composers work and propagate the the spirituality, righteousness and morals preached by them teachings

We will be covering dasavani of these haridas and our goal is to have at least a 1000 top compositions in all the great Indian ragas

SI No Name of the Hari Dasa Ankita/Mudra Year/Period
1 Sri Narahari Theertharu Narahari 1263-1333
2 Sri Sripadaraja Theertharu Rangavitala 1402-1504
3 Sri Vyasaraja Theertharu Srikrishna 1447-1537
4 Sri Vadhiraja Theertharu Hayavadhana 1480-1600
5 Sri Purandara Dasaru Purandaravitala 1484-1564
6 Sri Kanaka Dasaru Kaginelyadhikesava 1508-1606
7 Sri Prasannavenkata Dasaru Prasannavenkata 1680-1752
8 Sri Vijaya Dasaru Vijayavittala 1682-1755
9 Sri Vyasatatvagna Theertharu Vasudeva Vittala 1704-1800
10 Sri Paganna Dasaru/Sri Gopala Dasaru Gopala Vittala 1722-1762
11 Sri Rangavalli Dasaru Jagannatha Vittala 1728-1809
12 Sri Mahipathi Dasar Mahipathi 1611-1681
13 Sri Mohana Dasaru Mohana Vittala 1728-1761
14 Sri Sulappa Dasaru Gurugopala Vittala
15 Sri Dasappa Dasaru Varadha gopala Vittala
16 Sri Thimmappa Dasaru Venugopala Vittala
17 Sri Pranesa Dasaru Pranesa Vittala 1736-1822
18 Sri Supanna Dasaru Vyasa Vittala 1690-1755
19 Sri Sesha Dasaru Guru Vijaya Vittala 1806-1885
20 Sri Guru Jagannatha Vittala Dasaru Guru Jagannatha Vittala 1837-1918
21 Sri Achalandha Dasaru Achalandha Vittala 15th Century
22 Sri Yogendra Dasaru Yogendra Vittala 15th Century
23 Sri Muthu Dasaru Muthu vittala 15th Century
24 Sri Sobagu Dasaru Sri Sobagu Vittala 15th Century
25 Sri Panduranga Dasaru Panduranga Vittala 15th Century
26 Sri Ramakrishna Dasaru Sri Ramakrishna Vittala 15th Century
27 Sri Vaikunta Dasaru Vaikunta Vittala 15th Century
28 Sri Narakantteerva Dasaru Nara Kantteerva Vittala 15th Century
29 Sri Nalinaksha Dasaru Sri Nalinaksha Vittala 15th Century
30 Sri Narayana Dasaru Sri Narayana Vittala 15th Century

Sri Lakshmikantha Dasaru Sri Lakshmikantha Vittala 15th Century
32 Sri Lokaika Dasaru Sri Lokaika Vittala 15th Century
33 Sri Rukmanipathi Dasaru Sri Rukmanipathi Vittala 15th Century
34 Sri Lakshmipathi Dasaru Lakshmipathi Vittala 15th Century
35 Sri Sripathi Dasaru Sripathi Vittala 15th Century
36 Sri Venkatapathi Dasaru Vankatapathi Vittala 15th Century
37 Sri Yadhupathi Dasaru Sri Yadhupathi Vittala 15th Century
38 Sri Vittala Dasaru Sri Vittala 15th Century
39 Sri Dhani Dasaru Dhani Vittala 15th Century
40 Sri Palidha Vittala Dasaru Palidha Vittala 15th Century
41 Sri Swami Dasaru Swami Vittala 15th Century
42 Sri Kumbakona Venkata Dasaru Prasanna Venkata Vittala 19th Century
43 Sri Paramavairagyasali Thammanna Dasaru Raghupathi Vittala 18th Century
44 Sri Kathval Dasaru Sripathi Vittala 19th Century
45 Sri Ramachandra Dasaru Sri Ramachandra Vittala 19th Century
46 Sri Gundoji Narasiti Dasaru Sri GurSrisa vittala 1740
47 Sri Sridhara Dasaru Sridhara Vittala 19th Century
48 Sri Jatti Venkata Dasaru Madhava Vittala 19th Century

Sri Prema Dasaru Abhinava Janardhana Vittala 19th Century
50 Sri Krishna Dasaru Krishna Vittala 19th Century
51 Sri Kathval Suppanna Dasaru Kesava Vittala 18th Century
52 Sri Hanumesa Dasaru Hanumesa Vittala 18th Century
53 Sri Nadha Dasaru Sri Nadha Vittala 18th Century
54 Sri Madhvanadha Dasaru Sri madva nadha Vittala 18th Century
55 Sri Melgiri Dasaru Melgiri Vittala 18th Century
56 Sri Guruthanthe Gopala Dasaru Guruthanthe Gopala Vittala 19th Century
57 Sri Dhottapallapur Dasaru Sri Muthu Mohana Vittala 19th Century
58 Sri Paramapriya Subbaraya Dasaru Sri Thanthe Muthu Mohana Vittala 1865-1940