Ragas of Indian Music

The core of Indian music is Raga and every aspect of Indian music is built of the Raga.

“Ranjayati iti Ragah” – is popular expression which means “that  which colors the mind is a raga. Raga has personality unique characteristics and have their own time cycle. There are thousands of Indian ragas and 1000 Indian Ragas at 1000 location in 100 countries is a journey to explore them which I started Four years ago .
I also strongly believe that each location has its own energy and vibration and my quest is to match the Ragas with the location .

It has been quite an experience and in this journey felt the innate bliss by playing music for non humans. The journey continues with many memorable experiances and all of them will be documented soon .
Ragas can evoke emotions of the soul and there are ragas for every rasa and every Bhava .