As a teacher and performer of Carnatic Classical music for over 15 years, I can personally testify to the fact that Flute Raman’s knowledge, teaching style, and performance form are second to

none. Raman is the consummate musician. His video collection is comprehensive, including lessons on everything from basic introductory exercises to advanced topics on manodharma and composition. I often point my own students to his website to pick up some interesting piece, gamakam, or calculation with which I may not be familiar. I’m thrilled to see the vast amount of educational content that Raman has amassed, and I hope that everyone subscribes to his site!

As a student of Carnatic music and as an artist propagating the great values of flute music i would like to suggest this awesome website www.carnaticlessons.com to all the students and artists of our south indian classical music and dance. This website is unique because it not only features a high quality video lessons of variety of musical compositions in vocal and flute music but also gives a glimpse of various concert recordings and lec dems of chaste legends of Carnatic music.It is also a boon to flute learners as it features Seven different levels of flute learning video and audio material created by Raman Sir.This website is for the students of
Carnatic music right from the basic level to advanced and also to performing musicians as it includes some rare compositions of various composers.The best part is that we also have android and IOS apps with this rich course material benefitting all the music learners globally.
I wish Vidwan Raman kalyan a great musician and a flautist par excellence who is the backbone of this creation many more students and musicians utilising these amazing features of the website and apps.

Chaitanya Kumar Flautist , Singapore