I’ve always been a great fan of Raman Sir’s mesmerizing flute, and considered myself fortunate if I would ever be able to learn from him. That’s when I came across carnaticlessons.com, a wonderful site hosting a weath of information

on Carnatic vocal music & flute. This site is serves as an efficient learning portal for beginners, intermediate and advanced students alike. Raman Sir’s unique exercises help one learn and master this wonderful instrument. His video lessons, effectively are “virtually real” classrooms establishing a warm “Guru-Shishya” bond. The tips & techniques Raman Sir teaches help a student get an expert grip on the carnatic flute.

Numerous interviews, live sessions and concert recordings help students keep up-to-date on the music scenario.
Introduction to Indian Ragas series give a crisp and clear preview to music students & enthusiasts.
While praying to the almighty to give Raman Sir all good fortune and a musically wonderful life, I also wish all students the very best in the learning process with Raman Sir. You’ve met the best Guru!!
With Raman Sir’s passion, willingness and enthusiasm combined with a wonderful repository (carnaticlessons.com) of his teachings, one can never be in better hands!!

Thank you very much Raman Sir!!