I am very happy to be a student who has subscribed to the website. The chapter on Sadhaka is an excellent one. It is very useful for students who want to improve their finguring skills

and also to acquire good speed on flute. The entire chapter exercise is in Harikaomobiji raga and does not involve any half notes.

This is a great chapter
for all those students who are sincerely interested and committed to learning flute. So, please subscribe to the website and learn more.

Mr Kumar Venkatraman
Age 74 years New Jersey

CarnaticLessons.com is a wonderful creation by Flute Raman sir. This site has a wealth of information for beginner to advanced students.

Raman sir’s passion in teaching and the way he teaches complicated things in a very easily understandable way really makes this special.

Some of information I really liked and helped me a lot are the lecture demos from various artists, ocean of concert collections and Kriti lessons to just to name the few.

One of the greatest things in this is the collection of Indian Ragas where Raman sir has provided the introduction of variety of Ragas and short presentation. The selection of background location takes us to a different world altogether. I wish him all the best to reach his goal of completing 1000 ragas in various location across the world !

I sincerely thank Raman sir for creating this wonderful “music world” which is very useful for each one of us to continue our journey in music.

Girish innanje , Bangalore , India

It is no more a dream to learn carnatic flute from the guru parampara of Sri Mahalingam popularly known as Mali and his illustrious disciple Ramani, that too at the comfort of sitting at home !

Raman, direct disciple Ramani had the vision of reaching the flute enthusiasts worldwide to disseminate the knowledge of flute. He made this possible in www.carnaticlessons.com website. To ensure a newbie is not intimidated by the intricacies of the innocent looking instrument, he covered the lessons from the basics of how to hold a flute to explaining the nuances of ragas and the necessary gamakas for each raga. His capabilities as a teacher are evident when he starts the lessons not in traditional mayamalavagowla, but in harikambhoji to let the students start with ease on flute, emphasizes diamond exercise lesson and connects this to future manodharma sangeetham and many more.

The webiste itself is well organized about the lessons – carefully grouped to different levels of students – basics of flute, sarali swaras, janta swaras, gitams, varnas, basic and advanced krithis and so on. The videos are of high quality with the flute virtuoso and guru Raman clearly explaining the lessons and playing. For some complicated fingering techniques, you can even see multiple cameras operating to show the fingering on the flute.

In a nutshell, whether you are a hobbyist, artist, student, teacher or even an explorer – this website caters to your needs in the best possible way.